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The following resources from Enterprise and our partners examine key factors in creating opportunity – current conditions, predictions for the future and factors important for access to greater opportunity.

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Redlining & Opportunity360


Distills and illustrates a set of practical recommendations to achieve four important communications goals.

Finding a Frame

This report outlines the findings from a series of interrelated investigations aimed at finding effective frames.

Don't have to live here

Evidence-based messaging recommendations that can be used to advance a strong affordable housing and community development agenda.

Health Equity Report

This report shows how an innovative pilot program equipped 20 affordable housing and community development organizations to evaluate health outcomes.


This analysis finds that the number of households spending 50 percent or more of their income on rent is expected to rise at least 11 percent from 11.8 million to 13.1 million by 2025.

Impact of housing

Compiling defensible points with supporting evidence to serve as a resource for understanding and communicating the many benefits of affordable housing.

Student outcomes

How segregation in education and housing prevents children from different socioeconomic and racial/ethnic backgrounds from achieving the greatest possible academic success.

Impacts on education

This study reviews the various ways in which provisions of affordable housing, such as production, rehabilitation and others may affect children’s educational outcomes.

Food at home

Addressing the nutritional needs of low-income communities. Recommendations for providing low-income families with access to healthy foods and fostering healthy eating.

Promoting opportunity

How investments in transit infrastructure and related community projects can significantly enhance opportunity for low- and moderate-income families. 

Baltimores sustainable communities

An analysis of Baltimore’s process and plans to assess the challenges and possibilities of planning for regional equity.


The process of collecting, transforming, and aggregating data into opportunity scores. It describes the indicators and data sources used to measure opportunity, and how the aggregate opportunity measures are computed.

equity opportunity

Data and Mapping in Five U.S. Metropolitan Areas. How equity and opportunity maps have been integrated into planning processes in five regions across the country.

story mapping toolkit

Help residents become co-creators of their communities with this story mapping guide. Learn about the different story mapping approaches and how to select the best method for a project.

storymapping in action

Discover how the University of Maryland’s National Center for Smart Growth and CASA, Maryland’s largest immigrant rights advocacy group, used story maps to bring a community together, making the addition of a new transit system possible.

Opportunity overview

Perfect for anyone new to Opportunity360 -- or who would like a quick refresher.

Piecing it together

Discussion presented by Dr. Tiffany Manuel, formally of Enterprise Community Partners and Dr. Drew Volmert, Frameworks Institute.

Redlining and Opportunity360 webinar

Discussion of the Undesign the Redline exhibits in Denver and Cleveland. Hear from exhibit creators and host organizations about the impact of redlining and its effect on neighborhood outcomes. 

Opp360 logo

Explore the Community Engagement Toolkit and hear from a panel of experts and practitioners from across the country who specialize in community development, and share how engagement has shaped their work in Maryland and Detroit.

Cover page

The process and lessons learned in the creation of Baltimore’s 2015 Regional Plan for Sustainable Development. 

cover image

We hear from community organizers who are applying innovative community engagement strategies and tools on the ground.

Spatial Tools
Opportunity Zones

Helps states and others interested in Opportunity Zone eligibility to determine which tracts in their state or region are eligible and how eligible tracts relate to other federal programs and designations.

Home and Hope Mapping Tool

Tool filters tax-exempt sites within King County’s urban growth area based on criteria important to the siting of homes and early learning centers.

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