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Having access to affordable housing, a great job, good schools and public transportation connects people to opportunity and gives everyone a chance to succeed. To understand the ways we can further connect people to the opportunity of a better life, we need to understand what the biggest challenges in a community are. 


Defining and Measuring Opportunity

Opportunity360 measures five foundational criteria shown to have the greatest impact on how we live: Housing Stability, Education, Health & Well-Being, Mobility and Economic Security. The information provided by each neighborhood-level dashboard can help you better understand the resources needed to make communities more inclusive, equitable and connected to opportunity.

Opportunity360 Community Dashboard

Opportunity360 Community Dashboards provide the information necessary to determine where action is most needed and where established programs and policies have been most successful in any neighborhood in the country. These dashboards now allow data comparison for up to three census tracts, anywhere in the US. In the free Opportunity360 Community Dashboards, you will find over 150 indicators from 27 sources. Indicators are organized around the Opportunity Framework and grouped into 6 sections: Housing Stability, Education, Health & Well-being, Economic Security, Mobility and a Community Profile with demographic and descriptive information. Dashboards are interactive, mobile friendly and ADA compliant.

Ready to get started? Follow the directions below to request your report.

  • Request a dashboard for any neighborhood in the United States just by entering a location or address in the search bar below.
  • Select a primary census tract by clicking on the map.
    • Select up to two comparison census tracts (optional).
    • Use the "Federal Designations" filters to narrow your search (optional).
  • Click "Request Dashboard" button to submit your request.
  • Your Dashboard will be delivered via email.

  • For more information about how the data is collected, transformed, and aggregated into opportunity scores, please see the Opportunity360 Index Methodology.
  • For more information about the data sources and descriptions of the data points, please see the mySidewalk Data Library.
  • To learn about the possible risk of flooding, fire, earthquakes and other natural disasters for your home or building and establish a preliminary risk rating for your property, visit our Enterprise Portfolio Protect tool.



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